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2017 News

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Note that the journal is stored in reverse chronological order. Some items may be missing but can probably be found in the Newsletters.

Tuesday 26th December 2017 - Christmas Meet - Glen Prosen

11 attended (9 members, one ex-member and a guest). We gathered at Dykehead car park at 09:00, and travelled in 3 cars to the top of Glen Prosen, just beyond Glen Prosen Lodge. The walk started at 09:35 and headed north on a forest track for 4km, with the mighty Dreish looming overhead. Much of the forest has been cleared recently. After leaving the forest, there was a steep climb up to the Hill of Strone (850m), through the snowline (about 3-4 cm of very dry soft snow), where the strong northerly wind was blowing sprindrift, and providing significant windchill. We turned SE towards Cairn Inks (769m) and found a relatively sheltered spot for a short lunch (too cold to hang around). We continued onto Cairn Inks which gave good views of the Clova Hotel just below. There, we turned south to climb Mount Bouie (585m) and below that, we dropped into the forest again. A very sheltered sunny spot gave us the opportunity for a 2nd lunch break. A forest track then led to Cramie Farm and back to the cars at 14:35. Distance 14.1km, ascent 636m, time 5 hours. We headed back to Dykehead and there was no appropriate place to stop for refreshments, so we all headed home.


Sun 10th December 2017 - Day Meet - Sgor Mor, Linn o' Dee

11 attended (10 members and a guest). After leaving the Myre car park in Forfar at 07:05 we made for the Spittal of Glenshee (at 08:15) to find the snow gates open, and made our way to Linn of Dee where the temperature was registered on a car at -12c. We left from the car park at 09:25 and made our way up through deep heather and powdery snow to Carn an 'lc Duihhe (630m). From there, we crossed a very wet area of ground with a few members getting wet feet, to Sgor Dubh (741m) where lunch was enjoyed with fantastic views all round but especially the Cairngorms to our north. It was then a ridge walk to the summit, Sgor Mor (813m). After a short break there, we made our way down to meet the Glen Dee path which led us past the Chest of Dee where we saw the tracks of an otter, then on to White Bridge and back to the cars at 16:45. Although the air temperature was well below freezing all day because of the windless conditions and unbroken sunshine it was very pleasant day to be out.


Mon 4th December 2017 - Open Meeting

Forfar Fire Station, 19:30. 16 attended. Afterwards, all took part in an indoor games night. They played Jenga, Uno, Guess Who? and Connect4. Everyone enjoyed it.

Frid 17th - Sun 19th November 2017 - Weekend Meet - The Borders

11 attended, staying at Kailzie Bunkhouse, near Peebles, which we shared with a group of Northern Irish mountain bikers. Saturday
A fine clear day, but a strong westerly wind. There were 3 groups out.
A group of 4 stayed local and tackled the longest walk of the day: - the Dun Rig horseshoe from Peebles. Left from Peebles at 09:30 and climbed Kirkhope Law, Birkscairn Hill, Dun Rig (744m), Glenrath Heights, Hundleshope Heights and descended by Preston Law to Newby Kipps. That included 3 "Donalds". One of the group even had a detour to climb another Donald, Stob Law, managing to catch up with the others on the descent. They got back to Peebles at 17:00. (20.5km, 940m, 7.5 hours). Before returning to the bunkhouse, the group headed to Sainsbury's where one of the group made a navigational error and went out the wrong door!
The rest headed south on the A708. A group of 5 climbed past the Grey Mare's Tail to Loch Skeen, onto Firthybrig Head, Firthope Rig and onto White Coomb (821m). They retraced their steps to Firthope Rig, and dropped into Rotten Bottom (Google "Longbow" for some history), making their way to Saddle Yoke and dropped to the car at Capplegill. (15km, 920m, 6 hours).
A group of 2 completed the classic Black Hope Round starting from Capplegill. They climbed to Swatte Fell, then out to Hart Fell (808m), rounded to HartFell Riggs and then returned via Saddle Yoke, where they met up with the White Coomb group. (13.5km, 940m, 5.5 hours)
A fine frosty morning with brilliant visibility. A group of 7 headed to Yarrowford. They passed the old Broadmeadows youth hostel, and climbed to the Three Brethren ( 3 massive cairns - see photo). This is on the Southern Upland Way. The Tweed Valley Ultra running event was being held that day and the group observed some of the competitors tackle the 40 mile route as they passed the Brethren. The group's route then went west following the Way until Brown Knowe (523m). They descended by Wallace's Trench (historical) to the Minchmoor Road (an ancient road) and followed this back to Yarrowford. (13.8km, 550m, 4.5 hours).
Meanwhile, a group of 4 headed up the Tweed from Peebles. They crossed an old arched railway bridge after investigating a long and very dark railway tunnel. They returned down the north bank under the precarious looking Neidpath Castle. (5k).


Sun 12th November 2017 - Day Meet - Glen Esk

11 attended. 9 members were joined by 2 ex-members (Kate Fewell & John Beales, over from Australia). The group left Edzell at 07:45 and were walking from Invermark at 08:30. There was a very strong north wind which made it bitterly cold. The walk took the track through Auchronie Farm, and climbed to Hill of Kirny and then onto Hill of Saughs. Here one member set off for lunch in Edzell (under his wife's orders). The remainder carried on northwards straight into the wind. By this time snow showers were coming through, blowing horizontally into their faces. Just before Hill of Gairney, another member called it quits and headed back to the cars. The group reached Hill of Gairney (756m) at 11:05. They decided to carry on, now walking westwards with the gale force wind hitting them side on. They reached the boundary stone on Naked Hill (see photo). At this point several of the lighter members were being blown off their feet, so it was decided to abandon the original walk (Braid Cairn and Mount Keen were to be next). The group headed cross country for the path used for their ascent. Lunch was had in a sheltered hollow and the cars were reached at 14:00. Total distance walked was 18.2km, with ascent of 590m. A very testing day, that left everyone with glowing cheeks. Most of the group stopped in the Panmure Arms, Edzell for a welcome coffee/tea (and 3 had gigantic scones!).


Mon 6th November 2017 - Open Meeting

Forfar Fire Station, 19:30. 19 attended the open meeting. At the end of the meeting, Bill Dryburgh was presented with the Munroist's scroll. Afterwards, 18 took part in a quiz organized by John Dawson, who unfortunately couldn't be present. 6 teams of 3 were drawn, and they tried to find answers to 30 photographic questions. The scores were all fairly close ranging from 20 to 26. The winning team was Penny, Bill D and Colin.

Frid 27th - Sun 29th October 2017 - Social Meet / Weekend Meet : Carn Dearg Hut, Glen Clova.

20 attended (19 members and a guest)
The main events took place on Sat commencing in the late afternoon:-
The 2017 Boules Tournament was keenly contested by 8 pairs. It was played in 2 round robin pools, then semi-finals and a final. Graham B. and Colin narrowly beat Carolyn & Penny 3-2 in the final.
This was followed by an excellent Halloween feast (prepared by the committee with contributions from all)
Fraser Rae (our young guest) guessed the correct number of bat poo's in the jar.
There were 4 entrants to the fancy dress competition. The judges selected John Norrie as Guy Fawkes to be the winner.
There were 4 entries in the neep lantern competition (no pumpkins were allowed). The judges selected Colin's neep as the winner.
Then a few games followed : "guess who I am" (stickers on backs with a name); blinded-folded "feelies" into containers with various slimey and revolting contents; Halloween Bingo; make a set of teeth from plasticine & peanuts!; blind-folded "pin the spider into its web".
Then the club pyromaniac treated everyone to a spectacular firework display - two big boxes from Lidl. Very impressive!
6 stayed over - 2 in a campervan & 4 in the hut (2 of whom had forgotten their sleeping bags!)
Sunday was a good day - cold and fresh. A group of 3 tackled a round of Broad Cairn, Cairn Bannoch, Carn an t'Saigart Mor, Fafernie returning by Jock's Road. Returned at 16:45. Clear with some snow showers.

Sun 8th October 2017 - Day Meet - Glen Lyon

12 attended (10 members and 2 guests). 10 left in 3 cars from Forfar, meeting up with two "city" members at Invervar. Walk started at 9:15, and at that time, the cloud was only rolling around the tops. The route followed an anti-clockwise circuit of the Cairn Mairg horseshoe, climbing a good stalkers's path onto Meal na Aighean (971m) then onto Carn Mairg (1042m). By that time the cloud had really rolled in and the group split into two. One group of 6 headed along the ridge to Meall a' Bharr then dropped back to Inverar, arriving back at 16:45 (12.5km, 1100m ascent). The other of 6 headed for the remaining 2 Munros (Meall Garbh and Carn Gorm) arriving back at 17:30. (18km, 1520m ascent). Most members stopped at Dunkeld for fish & chips, except that there was no fish! The owner had been given only half a delivery from the fish merchant.

Mon 2nd October 2017 - Open Meeting

Forfar Fire Station, 19:30. Prior to the meeting, Gavin Hunter gave an illustrated talk entitled “Southesk to Saskatchewan”.

Sat 23rd September 2017 - New Munroist - Bill Dryburgh

Bill "compleated" the Munros on Beinn Sgritheall on Saturday 23rd September 2017. On the summit, he was presented with an engraved hip flask as a memento from the club. After the dinner in Kintail Lodge Hotel, Bill gave an entertaining speech in which he recalled various incidents on his round. Mel then presented Bill with various items including an T-shirt with many printed references to Bill's rather descriptive adjective of hillwalking in various conditions (see photos). Bill vows to continue hillwalking and to revisit some Munros that he never saw the first time round. Bill was managed during the last year by Frank, who is now out of work and looking for a new client!


Frid 22nd - Sun 24th September 2017 - Weekend Meet - Kintail

19 members and 5 guests attended, with 22 staying in Ratagan YH, and 2 in a campervan. One guest was from Ukraine, 4 guests from France.
2 members climbed Beinn Fhada.
Aa group of 26 climbed Beinn Sgritheall (974m) via the west ridge - the extra two being Willie who drove up for the day and Bas (a Dutchman who was staying in the hostel, and tagged along). Why so many? To celebrate Bill Dryburgh's last Munro. A wee dram was provided on top, and Bill was presented with an engraved hip flask as a memento from the club. For two French guests and Bas, it was their first Munro. Weather clear, high clouds, but windy. Most carried on to descend to Arnisdale. 7km, ascent 1025m. In the evening, the group went to Kintail Lodge Hotel for a celebratory dinner.
Weather was not so good - all went home.

Sun 10th September 2017 - Day Meet - Glen Queich - Glen Moy

2 members attended. The scheduled meet to Creag Meagaidh was cancelled due to a very bad weather forecast. Instead, a local meet took place. Started at Midtown, Glen Queich, walked to Buckies, then over to Hillside and Glen Moy. Climbed from Glack, over to Horniehaugh and back to Midtown. 10km, 325m ascent, 3 hours. Walk finished at 13:45.

Mon 4th September 2017 - Open Meeting

Forfar Fire Station, 19:30. The meeting was chaired by Colin, in the absence of Graham. The last item of the agenda was to present a gift to a new Munroist, Alison Stewart, who completed on Aonach Mor on Sunday 13th August. Alison was presented with an engraved goblet as a memento from the club, and the club's Munroists's scroll which has been updated with her name. The meeting was followed by an illustrated talk by Willie Mather on his recent adventure to Alaska.

Sun 13th August 2017 - New Munroist - Alison Stewart

Alison "compleated" the Munros on on Aonach Mor on Sunday 13th August. She celebrated with family and friends. Alison has been a member since 1977.

Sun 13th August 2017 - Day Meet - Glen Feshie to Sugar Bowl Carpark

10 members and 1 guest attended. By minibus. The weather was a bit showery until they reached the top of Braeriach then it was a fine late afternoon's walk back to the bus at the sugar bowl car park. At times the midges were intolerable as it was quite mild. The ground was incredibly rough and complex between the Glen Feshie plateau and the foot of Braeriach which took a bit of time. Started at 09:40 finished 18:30, so a long day, but enjoyable, great views from the top across to Cairn Toul group and beyond. Thanks to Richard Lockwood for his driving and stopping for tasty chips at House of Bruar. We were back at the Myre at 21:30, a long day! (photo in Chalamain Gap)


Mon 7th August 2017 - Outdoor Meeting - Nathro

13 members, a guest and 3 dogs attended. We met near Blairno Farm, then drove up through Craigendowie to the bridge. We then walked past Nathro Farm, to see the plaque to Peter Grant, who hid here (staying with his daughter) from government troops for many years after Culloden in 1746. He was eventually pardoned by George IV in 1822. Walk was 5.5km in total. A pleasant stroll on a dry and bright evening.

Sun 9th July 2017 - Day Meet - Meet Secretary's Mystery Meet

Cancelled due to lack of interest (probably caused by poor weather forecast)

Frid 23rd - Mon 26th June 2017 - Weekend Meet - Isle of Rum

19 members attended.
Caught 12:35 ferry to Rum. Some hurried off for a visit to the castle.
Group of 3 headed for Orval & the western hills. 3 went to Harris then Kilmory. The rest headed for Kilmory (some went further to Samhman Insir). Weather: strong winds and blustery showers, but bright in between showers.
Group of 8 tackled the whole Rum ridge (Hallival onwards), left at 07:00 back at 20:45. Big day!! Unfortunately the cloud was down on the tops, though there were a few views seen during the day. Still a strong wind. 2 headed for Hallival and Barkeval, meeting up with 2 others on Barkeval and returning by point 411m (now renamed Plover Hill) and returned by the geologists' path - good views under the cloud cover. 3 headed to Harris to see the mausoleum. 4 headed towards the Dibibil bothy, but the poor condition of the path forced then back early.
Those back early saw a celebrity - the NTS cruise ship "Hebridean Princess" came in with Richard Wilson and a film crew among those landing. We got a wave on his return from the film set at the castle back to the boat.
Most took the 12:55 boat going via Canna, back to Rum and then Eigg before returning to Mallaig. The remaining few took a tour of the castle before catching the boat at 15:05 on its return from Canna.
Good weekend, though weather might have been kinder. Bunkhouse was a bit clarty in the kitchen area and the showers, but it's a lovely building in a lovely location.


Sun 18th June 2017 - Social Meet - Ben Vuirich

Only 3 members turned up for this meet on a clear sunny day. They left the Myre at 07:10 and were ready to cycle at 08:15. They cycled 12.5k up Glen Fearnach from the roadend at Straloch. The road is tarmaced until Daldhu, then the track gets a bit rougher. The group continued to the ruin near the join with Glen Loch where the bikes were left. The walk rounded the northern end of Ben Vuirich to the gentler slopes on the west side. The top was reached at 12:15. After lunch, Brian and Debbie donned dungarees and grabbed paint brushes to make the trig point look as good as new. Descent was by the steep north ridge, which offered great views of Loch Loch, right through to the Devil's Point, Lairig Ghru and Ben MacDui beyond. The ride back down the glen took 80 minutes and the cars were reached at 15:20. It was too early for a meal, so the group headed home.


Sun 11th June 2017 - Day Meet - Glen Clova

8 members attended. This meet was supposed to have been to Monagh Mor and Beinn Bhrotain by bike. However due to the poor weather forecast it was cancelled. Instead we kept local and headed to Glen Clova, and met up at Dykehead at 08:15. All 8 members walked to the bourach, with 5 continuing to Tolmont and Tom Bhuide. Ptarmigan chicks were spotted on Crow Craigies. The remaining 3 retreated to the cars, stopped at the Whitehaugh bridge for a peek for the missing plaque, and had coffee at the hotel. The remaining 5 were down by 16:00 and had a fish supper at Kirriemuir. Weather was mixed with some heavy showers crossing over and a strong west wind. The White Water was swollen and quite impressive.


Mon 5th June 2017 - Outdoor Meeting - Auchterhouse Hill

9 members and a guest attended this evening ramble. The group started from Balkello Woods car park and climbed Balkello Hill then Auchterhouse Hill. Despite a day of rain, the walk was undertaken in good dry conditions with great views all round and with local member Roy Rennie telling us what they were were seeing.


Sun 21st May 2017 - Day Meet - Tyndrum

5 members attended. This meet was supposed to be by bus and include a traverse walk. However, due to lack of numbers, the bus was cancelled and 4 of the group travelled by car instead, meeting a Glasgow based member. The group walked in from Dalrigh with the intention of climbing Beinn Dubhchraig and Ben Oss. The first problem was crossing a burn where there used to be a bridge. Unfortunately one member fell into the burn, but continued the walk. Not long after that it started to rain and after 2 hours of this it was decided that if the group summited Beinn Dubhchraig and it was still raining, they would come back down without going to Ben Oss which they did. When the group got back to the burn it had risen by several inches and most decided to wade across and just get wet feet! An interesting day - good for character building!

Sun 14th May 2017 - Social Meet - Deeside

12 members and a guest attended this social meet, based at Keiloch in the Invercauld Estate, meeting there at 9:15. 2 elected to go mountain biking, first to the clachan of Auchtavan (which was the destination for a social meet on Aug 26th 2012), and then to Linn o' Quoich and onto Mar Lodge. 11 set off to climb the two Corbetts, the double topped Carn Liath and Culardoch. Unfortunately one member fell ill on Carn Liath and had to return to the car with the guest. The remaining 9 climbed both hills, firstly Carn Liath then Culardoch. The walk took 8 hours (9:30 to 5:30). The weather was mixed - warm in the sunshine and cooler as some heavy showers crossed over (even hail on the hills). Afterwards, 11 members and the guest had a lovely meal in the Boat Inn, Aboyne. A successful day.

Mon 8th May 2017 - Outdoors meeting - games night

12 members and a guest attended the annual games night in the Reid Park, Forfar on a dry sunny, but chilly night. Neil once again won the girds competition - that's six years in a row! This was followed by tea and buns in Carolyn's camper van. Then followed a game of French cricket with play ending at 21:15 due to the chilly dusk.

Frid 28th April - Mon 1st May 2017 - Weekend meet - Plockton

19 members enjoyed a dry weekend in the northwest, based at the Station Bunkhouse in Plockton. On Friday 3 other members joined some of the 19 for a climb of Blaven. Here are some of the hills climbed.
Blaven, Sgurr Mhic Bharraich
Bruach na Frithe, Am Basteir, Fuar Toll, The Storr, Saileg, Sgurr a' Bhealach Dheirg, Aonach Meadhoin.
Ciste Dhubh, Beinn Bhan, Sgurr a' Mhaoraich, Carnan Cruithneachd.
An Ruadh-stac, Sgurr an Airgid.

As well as these outings, some had a day off exploring Applecross, and the Plockton area. The excellent seafood in the local hosteleries was sampled too.


Sun 16th April 2017 - Day meet to Fersit

9 members attended and travelled in 3 cars to Fersit, leaving at 07:10. Walking from Fersit started at 09:40. A group of 4 climbed Stob a' Coire Mheadhoin (1105m) and Stob Coire Easain (1115m). The other group of 5 climbed Stob Coire Scriodain (979m) and Chno Dearg (1046m). There was some fresh soft snow lying above 700m. Light snow flaked through in the morning with cloud lying over the tops, but by lunchtime, conditions cleared and good views were seen all around. Very little wildlife spotted – some grouse and heard one golden plover. The last walkers returned to the cars at 17:40. Unfortunately, there was a mix-up over chip-shop venues. Some stopped in Blair Atholl and others in Dunkeld! Last car back to Forfar at 20:45. A long day.


Wed 12th April 2017 - Committee Meeting

5 of the committee met in the Osnaburg to set the weekend meets for July 2017 to June 2018. The work of trying to get bookings for accommodation has started.

Mon 10th April 2017 - Open Meeting & Members Night

Open meeting followed by Members night. Around 15 attended. After the meeting, 7 members presented 10 photos each on various topics.

Wed 29th March 2017 - Committee Meeting

4 of the committee met in the Osnaburg to set the day meets and social meets for July 2017 to June 2018.

Frid 17th - Sun 19th March 2017 - Weekend meet - Galloways

Seven members and guests (Clare, Gill, Ray, Hamish, Morag, Alex, Penny) attended the Galloway weekend, staying at the Galloway Activity Centre on the banks of Loch Ken. Most of the centre was still closed for the winter. This unfortunately seemed to extend to their catering facilities and website as the expected burger night and breakfasts did not materialise, our host saying that he did not receive the email with our meal order.
The weekend was notable for another club “compleation”, with Alex Smith completing his round of Donalds. The Donald in question was Caerloch Dhu, an outlying top of Shalloch on Minnoch. Four walkers (Ray, Morag, Penny & Hamish) opted to accompany Alex, with the remaining two weekenders heading for Dumfries to meet friends from across the border. In very dreich weather, two walkers (Penny and Hamish) turned back before reaching the top of Shalloch on Minnoch. The remaining three (Alex, Ray & Morag) reached the top in challenging weather and terrain for navigation, Morag waiting there while Alex was accompanied to his final Donald with one witness (Ray) just to make sure he did it. The weather on Sunday was even worse, and three headed home (Morag, Hamish & Ray) on the excuse of having no dry gear (or enthusiasm) while two brave souls went for another soaking on Cairnsmore of Carsphairn (Alex and Penny) The remaining two (Clare and Gill) went east to Tinto in the hope of finding better weather.

Sun 12th March 2017 - Day meet - Stuchd an Lochain, Glen Lyon

By shared car, left Myre car park, Forfar at 07:00. 10 members attended. There was a bright start but the group was in mist and light rain on the top, but it was brighter on the descent.

Wed 8th March 2017 - Mountain Mind Quiz

Held in Queens Hotel, Dundee and run by Breadalbane Rock & Ice. A team consisting of Graham, Carolyn and Colin finished 4th with a score of 87, behind Perth MC (97), Grampian MC A (94.5), Grampian MC B (91.5). There were 13 teams in total. Our reserves of Linda, Willie and Nicola got a respectable score too, as spectators.

Mon 6th March 2017 Open meeting followed by AGM

19:30 at Forfar Fire Station. At the Open Meeting, The president announced Colin Sinclair is to be made an hononary member. A good turnout. Minutes of last AGM approved. Treasurer's Report approved. President's report and Meet Sectetary's reports were presented. Committee same as last year, except Colin replaces Neil as Meet Secretary. New auditors appointed - John MacDonald and Steve Wilson. The meeting was followed by an excellent illustrated talk by John Norrie on Whitehaugh, the former club hut from 1968-2002.

17th-19th February 2017 - weekend meet - Corran Ferry Bunkhouse

12 members attended. The club had aready stayed several times in this excellent bunkhouse. Friday started with a 7pm ferry crossing for a pub meal in the Inn at the other side. Unfortunately Saturday's weather wasn't kind :- low cloud, drizzle and occasional showers. However 5 groups were out :- 2 climbed Curved Ridge on Buachaille Etive Mor in challenging conditions, 2 climbed both peaks of Buachaille Etive Beag, 2 walked to Steal falls then took the ferry over to Ardgour for a short low-level walk. 2 did a longer low-level walk just across the ferry, 4 went to Ardtornish Castle and had a low-level walk to Ardtornish Point.
Sunday's weather was just as poor. 5 went home. 2 walked up Glen Righ. 5 found better weather at Dalwhinnie and climbed the Fara and took an interesting descent to look at Dirc Mhor and Dirc Beag (glacial meltwalter channels - the best examples in Britain).

Sun 12th February 2017

8 members attended. 5 did a round of Sgraineach Mhor, Beinn Udlamain and A' Mharconaich. 3 turned back at Sgraineach Mhor. Conditions were soft snow underfoot. It was a cold clear day when the group set out from the side of the A9 and it did not get windy until higher up, but stayed dry all day.


Mon 6th February 2017 - Open Meeting and Annual photographic Competition

There were 11 entrants and 55 photos. The judge was Graham Wilkinson (Carnoustie Camera Club), on his 9th year in the position. The winner of the individual photograph was Rita Norrie with a picture of the Harris Hills taken from North Uist. Rita was awarded with the brand new "Brian Coull Trophy", kindly donated by Willie & Sheila Mather. The winner of the best group of 3 was won by Bob Railton (Glen Clova collection). Bob was awarded with the brand new trophy, kindly donated by Rita & John Norrie. Links to all entries, winning photo and winning collection can be viewed here.
The judge's comments can be found here.


Sun 22nd January 2017 - High Tea Meet

19 members and 2 guests walked over the Fungle Road from Aboyne to Tarfside in Glen Esk. Bus left Sauchieburn Hotel at 07:15. 3 members walked to Charr bothy and then climbed Clachnaben. 6 members walked from the Blue Gate to the Rocks of Solitude. Weather - cold, cloudy but clear with some snow flurries. 34 members and 3 guests attended the following high tea in Sauchieburn Hotel. As usual, a splendid feast was provided.


Mon 9th January 2017 - Open Meeting

Held in Forfar Fire Station. The meeting was followed by a talk, “Nepal with Raleigh ICS” by member Claire Richardson. Claire spent 5 months volunteering in Nepal during 2016.

Tues 3rd January 2017 - New Year meet to Glen Isla

13 members and 1 guest attended. Met at Kirkton of Glen Isla at 09:15. Started at roadside at Dalvanie and walked up Glen Beannie to the bealach. Ascended Craigenloch Hill (738m) and stopped for lunch. Then onto Monameanach (807m) and returned by Creagan Caise ridge to Glen Beanie at 14:45. A pleasant circuit, undertaken in strong westerly winds, with a touch of soft snow underfoot. The group reassembled in the Glenisla Hotel for refreshments and a blether afterwards.