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Work in 2021

Friday 14th May 2021 - Inspection

Graeme, James, Bob & Morag paid a visit to inspect the stonework to the right of the door. James report : The stones comprising the outer protective wall have settled over the last two years since their rebuilding. A bulge has appeared on the face on the right hand of the door. This does not need an immediate repair, but will fail in the future. He proposes to build a sloping buttress against that face, so that the bulging stones are held in place. Probably work will start in July or August this year. As many stones as possible which lie at the bottom of the steep slope below the refuge will have to be brought up, probably by rope and pulley haulage, for him to use. They should be laid out on the flat area 2m from the refuge door.
Unfortunately, the group has to carry out lots of rubbish.

Thursday 1st April 2021 - Work Party

Bob and Colin carried up tools. Chilly - icicles hanging off the roof and a dusting of fresh snow. They tightened the wires holding the roofing sheets down using the special tool that had been borrowed for the day. Then put 3 self-tappers into the metal sheets on the back wall to stop rattling. Carried out some rubbish.

Sunday 21st March 2021 - Installation of the Information Board

2 members attended - Graeme H, Steve
Steve Wilson and Graeme Harris have done a great job in producing an information board which tells of the tragic loss of life on Jock’s Road in 1959 which prompted Davie Glen to build the original shelter. It also gives an account of the FDHWC’s role in maintaining the shelter, including the recent rebuilding and refurbishment. Steve researched and wrote the text and arranged the layout to create an excellent, informative and very smart board.
An excellent and fitting finishing touch to the recent work on the bourach - thank you to both.
They carried up the board and tools. It was a wonderful day, sunny and no wind with very little snow remaining! They fixed the display board in place and did a couple of minor repairs.


Friday 12th March 2021 - Inspection

Steve passed by while walking the Loch Esk circuit. He reported a dusting of snow on the platform. He took away some rubbish that had been left. He also noted that some of the protection in the gaps around the door had disappeared.