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Latest Mountaineering Scotland guidelines can be found here.

Upcoming events

Sunday 8 August - Social Meet - Largo Law

There will be a short Social Meet to climb Largo Law (290m) in Fife. See map here. Distance 8km, ascent 320m.

The club last did this walk on the Sunday 18th May 2014, as reported here. Unfortunately, there are no photos.

Meet at the car park at the south end of the Tay Road Bridge. Time undecided as yet, awaiting weather forecast.

If you plan to attend, please send me (colin.sinclair@btinternet.com) the answers to the Covid-19 questions below, NO EARLIER than Friday afternoon

Colin, Meet Secretary

The club is following Mountaineering Scotland (MS) Guidelines for Covid-19.
Coronavirus information | Mountaineering Scotland

MS guidelines still do not permit car sharing unless from same household or bubble.

This outdoor meeting is classed by MS as “Organised Club Activity”. Please read the club’s guidelines in the Covid-19 information sheet :- physical distancing, hand hygiene, etc. See FDHWC guidelines here.

Please answer YES or NO to the questions below and return to Colin as Covid Officer, but not before Sunday. colin.sinclair@btinternet.com

1. Have you or anyone in your household tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 14 days?
2. Do you or anyone in your household have a new continuous cough?
3. Do you or anyone in your household have a high temperature (> 37.8 degrees)?
4. Do you or anyone in your household have a loss, or change in, your normal sense of smell or taste (anosmia)?
5. Have you or anyone in your household been in contact with a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19 in the last 14 days?
6. Have you or has anyone in your household been abroad in the last 14 days?
7. Have you or any members of your household developed an unusual rash, or chilblain type rash on fingers or toes, over the last 7 days -14 days?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, please do not attend the meeting.

Colin will keep an attendance register of those at the meeting with the following information
• Your name
• Telephone number
• Email address
• Whether you shared a car to attend
• The answers to the questions above

The attendance list will be kept for 21 days after the meeting and will then be destroyed. If you test positive for Covid-19, in the days after the meeting, you will be asked about any contacts you have had in the last few days. You must state that you have been at a FDHWC meet on 7th August. Test and Protect Scotland will then contact the club (either directly or through Mountaineering Scotland), and the attendance register will be passed over. All others who attended the meeting will be contacted by Test and Protect Scotland and should self-isolate and book a Covid test.

Sunday 15 August - Day Meet

Details to follow.

NEW! It’s only heartburn….. right?

By Steve Wilson

Main purpose of this article is to highlight the need to get chest pains checked out!

Sunday 15 August 2021 will be a memorable anniversary for me. It will be 12 months exactly since a friend and I climbed Seana Bhraigh after cycling up Strath Mulzie. What was so special about this hill walk that left me with a lump in my throat at the summit on a warm, sunny day with incredible views in all directions? Well, it was 16 weeks after I had heart bypass surgery – six grafts to be precise. And my first serious hill walk after the operation.

My story begins in April 2020, the day after my 63rd birthday. Remember this was in the middle of the first covid crisis when protective equipment, intensive care beds and ventilators were in short supply, and there was great uncertainty and concern about the full impact of the pandemic. I’d been suffering from indigestion or heartburn on and off for about 3 weeks. After a bad morning I phoned my GP. She told me to immediately phone for an emergency ambulance in case it was a heart problem. After an initial examination and cardiogram the paramedics didn’t think I had a heart issue. After all I appeared well, had no obvious symptoms and was not a prime candidate for a heart attack. I was not overweight, reasonably fit, had never smoked and there was no history of family heart problems. After some discussion, the consensus was that I should go to hospital to be checked out.

It came as a shock when 24 hours later, after a multitude of tests and examinations, I was told I had indeed suffered a heart attack – I had been suffering from angina and not as I thought heartburn! The good news, there appeared to be little damage to the heart. The bad news, I was diagnosed with chronic coronary heart disease and required a heart bypass operation as soon as an operating theatre, intensive care bed and ventilator were available. I had my operation 5 days later.

The early stages of recovery were not easy and very frustrating. I was told to give it time and reminded that my body had undergone a ‘brutal operation’. After around 6 weeks I was becoming more mobile but still very limited in my walking capabilities. However, day by day my distances and speed increased along with my cardiovascular fitness. After 12 weeks I took a lot of confidence from climbing Mayar, my local munro. The trip to Seana Bhraigh was planned shortly after. Thankfully I have made an excellent recovery and should be free of heart problems for years to come.

Why am I telling my story? There are 3 reasons:

1. Anyone who has even the mildest chest pains should get themselves checked out. Don’t like me assume it is heartburn or some other minor ailment. If you ignore the symptoms you may not be as lucky as me.

2. Hopefully my story gives hope to anyone who is recovering from or has been told they need heart bypass surgery. You can make a good recovery.

3. Seana Bhraigh via Strath Mulzie is a super outing, particularly on a fine day. I can heartily (sic) recommend it. Although the cycle up the glen and backdown is rather bumpy and you may loosen a few of your fillings on the way!

Stay healthy and enjoy your hill walking.

Steve Wilson - June 2021

Bird boxes for sale

Bob Railton has made 6 blue tit, and 2 open bird boxes made out of marine ply, which should last a very long time. He's selling them for £5 each, and any monies would go to club funds.


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Embroidered Club Clothing

Contact Debbie & Brian for latest availability and prices at aquarian@unitelmail.co.uk.