Davy's Bourach Repair 2019

The club decided in late 2018 that a major repair was required, basically a reconstruction. Graeme Harris, our volunteer bourach custodian made contact with the Mountain Bothy Association and meetings were held during the winter (December-February) with their representative, Alan Moore.
Graeme then drew up plans for the reconstruction and the materials required. Work then went ahead to source the materials, much of which has been donated. Bob Railton volunteered to help with coordination of supplies. Graeme then drew up a programme for dismantling the bourach, for transportation of materials to the site and for the reconstruction itself.

Reconstruction Programme
21-22 June - drainage channel & concrete post preparation.
29th June (provisional) - timber frame building
30th June (provisional) - re-sheeting day
Re-turfing date to be confirmed.

Here is a timeline of work parties with some photos.

Friday 14th - Sunday 16th June

The work party was based in the Carn Dearg Hut for the weekend. Aileen & Carolyn acted as caterers. James and Ian, the stoneworkers attended for their 2nd weekend. 2 members (Graeme & Ian) attended all weekend. Colin & Kenny Wrirght (Carn Dearg) attended on Saturday, and Graham B attended on Sunday.

Sunday 16th

The back wall was patched up, and the top of the wall was turfed.

Saturday 15th

Work continued on the NW corner, the west wall and the doorway. Great progress was made.

Friday 7th - Sunday 9th June

The work party was based in the Carn Dearg Hut for the weekend. Linda & Colin acted as caterers. 2 members (Graeme & Colin) helped the stone-workers at the bourach. James Bussey from Crieff was the professional who had volunteered. Ian Wishart from Edinburgh, with some stone-working training, also attended. Bob R came up on Sunday morning to tidy up the new roofing materials and carried down more old corrugated sheeting that that been exposed.
The weather was mixed. The group worked through several heavy showers (one with hail) on Saturday, and the early part of Sunday was wet, but cleared up later.
James has been up to look at the bourach, but with roof still on. When he saw the size of the job (without the roof), and the time available, he decided to concentrate on 3 areas :- the collapsed NW corner, the doorway and some of the back wall. Saturday saw the party dismantle the doorway and the corner, and strip the top part of the west wall. The doorway was exposed by removing lots of turf and soil. The NW corner was stripped to ground level. James estimated 3 tonnes of rock were removed. Most was dumped outside the door. James then set to work on rebuilding the corner. Graeme worked on rebuilding the right hand side of the doorway, and Colin and Ian worked on raising the the west wall.
The first job on Sunday morning was to drag a dead deer from below the bourach well down the hiil. It had died during calving. Work then continued on from Saturday and good progress was made. In the late afternoon, the group returned to the hut for refreshments and lot set to continue on the following weekend.

Tuesday 4th June

11 volunteers from the 45 Commando Royal Marines and 3 club members (Bob R, Ian, Graham B) were able to move all the remaining materials required up to the bourach. This ensures that the team who will be there on 8/8 June will be ready to go with the reconstruction. A big thanks to all involved.

Saturday 25th May

Graeme, Katherine (Graeme’s Daughter) and Bob R. Transported 4 pieces of the sarking, and brought down the last pieces of the old roof sections.

Friday 24th May

Colin, Carolyn, Nan and Bob R. Transported 10 posts and brought down some of the scrap roof.

Monday 20th May

Willie, Bob R and Stewart Miller with horses Angus and Brie. Transported 8 posts, and brought down some of the scrap roof.

Sunday 19th May

Graeme, Ross & Mark (Richardson non-members) and Bob R. Transported 6 sheets of corrugated roofing. Brought down the door and frame, plus scrap roof sections.

Sunday 28th April

Graeme, Ian, Roy, and Bob R. Transported 5 sheets of new galvanised corrugated roof (8’x3’). Brought down some of scrap roof to the bottom storage area.

Sunday 10th April

Debbie, Brian, Steve, Graham B, Roy, and Bob R. Dismantled old roof. Turf removed and stored. Roof sheets removed and stored in 2 sections. One retained for further use, and one scrap area.

At 25th May, the total number of estimated man hours are 200 plus 600 miles. It should be noted that this does not record the number of single visits made by Graeme and Bob B nor the time spent on design, meetings, permits, sourcing materials etc.